Adding Spice to Your Bathroom Décor

Perhaps your bathroom has become outdated and frankly, a bit boring. Whether your goal is to add a touch of spice to your bathroom, or completely redesign it, remember it's the little touches which can really add to and complete your overall look. Shower curtains, rugs, flooring, towels and plants can all add splashes of color to your bathroom, making it into a relaxing oasis at the start or end of the day.

Start With Your Mirror

Consider adding a fabric swag to an older mirror to really turn it into the centerpiece of the room. It really is quite simple: Measure the top of the mirror, then half-way down both sides. Total your measurements, then add a few more inches for good measure! You want to make sure you have enough fabric to dip down, creating the swag effect. Choose fabric that is between 24 and 36 inches, depending on the size of your mirror. Choose your material carefully; pick colors and patterns which will complement the overall colors and décor of your bathroom. Fold and iron the edges of the fabric into a hem about a half inch all the way around, then sew the hem. Tie a big knot in the center of your fabric, then take one tail and tie a knot halfway between the center and the end of the tail, doing the same on the other side. Put a small dab of hot glue in the top center of your mirror and press the center knot onto the glue, holding in place until it is set. Do the same on the top right corner and the top left corner with the remaining two knots, allowing some fabric to droop between the knots for a swag effect.

Bathroom Accessories

Accessories can complete your look and add charm and ambience to your bathroom. Consider changing out your towel bars if they are old and give your bathroom a dated look. Purchase matching towel bars and toilet paper holders for a new, updated, modern look. If you need more storage space in your bathroom, consider glass shelving. Glass shelves can add a really modern touch to your bathroom. Adding green plants is always a good idea, assuming you have the necessary lighting. Not only do green plants add oxygen to the room, they also give your bathroom a fresh, open look.

Decorate by the Seasons

Consider decorating your bathroom according to the season. Doing so can really get you into the seasonal mood, as well as give you something to look forward to when it's time to change your décor for the new season. Consider autumn, which is chock-full of vibrant oranges, yellows, browns, reds and gold. Wicker baskets are always good accessories, and you can roll up towels or washcloths in the fall colors and place inside the wicker basket for a good splash of color. Cinnamon scented candles in fall colors add both beauty and fragrance. Rock salt candle holders are really beautiful-when the candles are lit, the rock glows a deep orange, making your room perfect for a relaxing bath. Fake fall leaves hung up or scattered around can also add to your fall theme, as can rugs, towels and shower curtains in your fall colors. Spring can be lots of greens and whites, airy and delicate, while summer could be beach scenes or any other summery theme. Let your imagination run wild, and you can turn your bathroom into a haven you look forward to spending alone time in.