Baby Bath Newest Products

Baby Bath Products

If you're looking for new ways to make baby bath time easier, safer, and fun, you're in luck! Today's baby bath industry is bursting with scores of new baby bath products, most of which are conveniently available online. In addition to newer versions of classic baby bath products, such as baby bath toiletries, baby bath toys, baby bath towels and washcloths, and baby bath books, keep your eyes pealed for some of the following hot-ticket items taking the baby bath industry by storm: musical baby bath books, baby bath caddies and toy nets, tummy tubs, baby bath seats, baby bath waterbeds, no-slip baby bath mats, kneeling mats for moms, monogrammed baby bath hooded towels, and spa baby bath products.

Latest Baby Bath Products

Here is a short review of some of the most contemporary innovations in baby bath tub designs and baby bath accessories.

•1) Tummy Tub

Hailed as the future generation of baby bath tubs, the tummy tub represents a growing trend and new concept in bathing infants under the age of six months. With a small, round design that places newborns in the fetal position during bath time, the tummy tub aims to ease the transition between the mother's womb and the bath environment. Babies are automatically immersed into the water up to shoulder level, keeping them feeling warm and secure. With convenient handle grips for easy carrying, this baby bath model is becoming a mom's favorite, and fetal-position baby tubs are said to be gaining the endorsement doctors, midwives, and maternity hospitals.

•2) PUJ Tub

This baby bath tub is designed to fold into a sink, supporting babies in an upright position so that they can't slip and slide, and cradling them to feel relaxed in the tub; made from soft flexible PVC-free material which eliminates contact with the cold, hard, standard bathtub surface. Further, the PUJ tub eases parents' back and knee strain and is easy to use and store.

•3) Bath Waterbeds for Kids

Designed to enhance comfort and safety during children's bath hour, the suction cups on the underside of bath waterbeds adhere to the bathtub bottom, providing a cushioned, full-length body pillow which prevents babies and children from slipping and sliding. Choose from a number of kid-friendly designs, fill with air or water until the desired softness has been achieved, and enjoy soft, safe bathing experience.

•4) Baby Bath Seats

A baby bath seat is simply that - a baby seat which attaches to the bottom of the tub, ensuring that your baby stays in one place while you soap and shampoo your newborn. Constructed from sturdy plastic, some baby bath seats also feature a removable toy rack and come with a free water toy.

BUYER ALERT: Due to safety concerns, in 2010, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted to regulate baby bath seats. The CPSC urges parents to follow these safety tips:

•- Never leave children unattended in a baby bath seat!

•- Be sure suction cups are securely attached to the bath seat and tub surface

•- Don't put a baby bath seat in a slip-resistance tub as the product's suction cups may not stick

•5) Bath Kneelers for Moms

Gone are the days of strained backs and of sore knees and elbows while bathing your newborn! Tub kneelers are kneeling mats made for parents. Constructed from dense layers of foam, these easy-to-fold and easy-to-store baby bath products provide support and cushioning in all the right places, making bath hour enjoyable for both parents and infants.

Baby Bath Gift Ideas

Check out the growing number of baby bath gift ideas flooding the market today. Here is but a sample of what you will find:

•6) Baby Bath Gift Sets (including bath sponge, washcloth, wash mitt, hooded terry bath towel, waterproof book, stacking cups, baby talc, baby oil, buttermilk soap, infant bath thermometer, infant comb & brush set, baby booties, and more)

•7) Personalized Baby Bath Robe with Matching Slippers

•8) Hooded Towels for Baby Boys and Girls

•9) Set of Baby Bath Books Baby

•10)Spa Bath CD