Bath Oil Beads

What are Bath Beads?

Bath Beads are the perfect bathtub accessory for anyone who loves to soak in the tub while enjoying essential oils which refresh, rejuvenate, and soften the skin... Available in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes, as well as in a growing number of fragrant scents, simply drop two or three bath beads into the bathwater and watch as the bath beads dissolve, releasing healing, skin-enhancing oils in heavenly scents such as lavender, strawberry, rainforest, peach, honey, rosemary, and more. For the guest bathroom, master bathroom, luxury bathroom, contemporary bathroom or traditional bathroom, bath oil beads are an affordable and appealing amenity which will compliment any type of bathroom décor. For eye appeal, display bright-colored bath oil beads in a decorative basket on your bathroom counter, or you can store bath beads in your vanity cabinet for use at any time.

Spa Experience at Home

Whether you enjoy a luxurious spa experience or whether you simply want to relax after a long, hard day at work, bath beads will do the trick. For the modern bathroom, simple bath beads can be added to the growing list of more expensive bath-time luxury items such as whirlpool tubs, steam showers, hi-tech toilets, automatic faucets, and more. What sets bath oil beads apart is that anyone can afford them, and their revitalizing and soothing effects have been documented for decades. Bath oils transport you to a far-away place as their essential oils revivify your skin, replenish your energies, and renew your spirit.

Bath Bead Benefits

The essential oils found in bath beads help keep the skin hydrated. Hydration acts as a barrier for your skin, keeping bacteria out and the skin's natural moisture in. For these reasons, bath beads have been shown to alleviate a number of physical and mental conditions, such as:

•- Stress

•- High blood pressure

•- Dry skin

•- Skin irritation

•- Eczema

•- Tense muscles

•- Fatigue

•- Poor circulation

Ideal Bathroom Gift

If you're looking for the perfect birthday gift, Jack & Jill shower present, or party favor, look no further than scented bath oil beads! Individuals of all ages enjoy the benefits of bath beads, including children. To help your kids fall in love with bath time, shop for bath beads in whimsical shapes and bright colors. As a quick and easy gift, mix and match bath bead scents, shapes and colors, place them in a decorative bowl or basket on your countertop, gift wrap and tie with a ribbon - and voila!

How to Make Your Own Bath Beads

There are many websites and bath decorating books and magazines which provide easy, do-it-yourself instructions and pictures for how to make your own bath beads.

Essential oils come from citrus peels, flowers, leaves, barks and roots. You can purchase essential oils from most bath & beauty stores and from some craft supply stores, or you can order them on the Internet. Keep in mind that essential oils are different from perfume (fragrance) oils and must be handled with care. If you are making your own bath oil beads, the experts advise that you wear protective (latex) gloves while handling essential oils and keep them away from direct contact with your skin, eyes, and mouth. Since the smell of essential oils can be overwhelming, your eyes may tear when you open the bottle. Should any oil accidentally contact your eyes, flush them out with whole milk or with vegetable oil (i.e., sunflower or olive oil), since essential oils are not soluble in water.

With the right safety precautions making homemade bath beads is a fun craft for all ages to enjoy. However, if the experience is a little bit stressful, simply run the hot water in your bathtub, toss in a couple of homemade bath beads, slip in, and feel all your troubles melt away...