Bathroom Mold

One of the problems with bathrooms that are poorly heated or ventilated is that they are prone to mold. Even the best bathrooms can be growing grounds for mold and mildew if you aren't careful.   So when you are redecorating or redesigning your bathroom, make sure you take this into consideration.

What Is Mold Anyway?

Mold is a type of fungi that releases spores in order to reproduce. Mold is not only unsightly and spoils the look of your lovely bathroom but it can be extremely bad for the health. Mold can cause severe respiratory problems in susceptible individuals, so it is important to remove any mold as soon as possible.

How Does It Grow?

Mold absolutely loves damp and humid conditions.  Since bathrooms are usually quite moist they are a perfect location for mold.

How Do I Know I Have Mold?

Mold is usually quite easy to spot once it has gotten hold in your bathroom. It is often black and frequently grows along the grouting in between the tiles, but it can fool you by being other colors like red, white or even blue! A musty smell can also be an indication and you definitely need to suspect mold if you have had water leak or you have paper or paint peeling away.

How Do I Prevent Mold?

One way to prevent mold is to keep the bathroom well ventilated. Install a proper ventilation fan and run it while you are having your shower and for several minutes afterwards. Another way is to leave the bathroom window open as often as possible to allow the room to air out. Also, a good heating system like underfloor heating can help the room to dry quickly which helps to remove the damp and humidity that mold loves.

How Do I Clean Mold?

If you only have a small amount of mold, you can clean it yourself with a good detergent solution. Make sure you wear rubber gloves and a face mask. It is also a good idea to wear glasses, or safety goggles as well. Wash all the surfaces thoroughly with the detergent or with a proprietary mold remover and make sure you dry everything thoroughly. Start with the ceiling and work your way down the walls, making sure to clean and scrub the whole area.

If you suspect serious mold it's a good idea to call in a professional to do the job for you. In some instances you may need to completely redecorate the bathroom to be sure of getting rid of all the mold.

Keeping Your Bathroom Mold Free

With a brand new bathroom you want to make sure that you don't allow any mold in the first place, so apart from keeping the bathroom properly ventilated what can you do? One thing is to make sure you clean your bathroom walls and floors regularly, not just the tub, the shower and shower curtain. Even the ceiling needs an occasional cleaning to help keep your bathroom mold free!

There are a variety of mold and fungal cleaners on the market specially designed for bathrooms, although many people just use a bleach solution. However, if you are more of a 'green consumer' you may prefer to spray vinegar in the bathroom instead to help inhibit mold growth. Also when you remodel your bathroom consider installing a dehumidifier to help prevent mold.

By keeping your bathroom properly clean, heated and well ventilated you will help prevent mold, but because of the nature of bathrooms you may not be able to prevent it altogether.