Budget Guest Bathroom

Keep it Simple

Guest bathrooms can be beautiful without blowing your budget! If you stick to the basics and add some decorative accents and accessories, you can create a functional yet fashionable guest bathroom at minimal cost.

Guest Bathroom Basics

Prices don't have to hit the ceiling when it comes to outfitting a guest bathroom. In fact, with the right research, you can outfit your guest bathroom without breaking your budget. For first impressions, make sure the counters and floors are free of clutter. Then provide the basics: tissues, soft toilet paper, liquid soap, perhaps some decorative mini-soaps or trial-sized toiletries. You can place them in an attractive basket on the bathroom counter, or on a handy shower caddy hanging in the bathtub. A bathroom vanity mirror is a must, and with the great variety of frames and styles and prices available today, you can easily match a mirror with your existing bathroom décor.

Theme Guest Bathroom

An easy route to go is to choose a decorative theme for the guest bathroom. The theme can be a consistent or alternating color scheme, bathroom wall art, a children's theme (i.e. favorite animated character), or a popular bathroom theme such as dolphins, the beach, under-the-sea, and more.

Guest Bathroom Style

Modern bath styles are minimalist, featuring a slim and sleek décor with silver, grey, and jet black contrasting with white the dominating color schemes. For a cozy and traditional bathroom style, outfit the bath area with a warm bathroom rug that compliments the shower curtain and toilet cover, adding matching bath towels, hand towels, and face towels. Some scented potpourri or a scented air freshener go a long way to make a bathroom experience pleasurable, and bright lighting (including modern-day fashionable or eco-friendly light fixtures) creates a feeling of spaciousness.

Toilet Paper to Spare

Don't put your guests in the embarrassing predicament of running out of toilet paper. Invest in a clever toilet paper rack that sits in easy reach of the toilet area, and pamper your guests with the best name brands in the business. For your female guests, be sure to stock your bathroom cabinet with female sanitary napkins and necessities.

Handy Hooks

Nothing is more practical and convenient than handy bathroom hooks. In addition to your basic towel racks, make sure there are spare hooks for your guests' clothes, robes, pajamas, etc. Bath industry manufacturers have created entire lines of simple to fancy bath hooks and hangers with a range of modern features and functions. From rustic to contemporary finishes, bathroom hardware is an inexpensive way to accessorize your guest bath area.

The "Extra" Touches

To take your guest bathroom décor over the top and provide that something "extra" that shows your consideration and class, consider the following simple guest bathroom accessories:

•- Hairdryer

•- Moist wipes

•- Guest toothbrush/toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss

•- Magazine rack with up-to-date top picks

•- Shaving kit/Razors

•- Cotton balls/Makeup removing pads

•- Bubble bath and bath moisturizers

•- Hand and body lotion

•- Vanity tray to hold jewelry, watches, eye glasses, cosmetics and other personals while your guests bathe

•- Body scale

•- Rubber Plant/Attractive bouquet of synthetic flowers

•- Welcome mat