Creating an Inviting Bathroom for Teens

If you have children you've probably noticed that they morph from having to be dragged kicking and screaming into the bathtub or nagged incessantly to brush their teeth, to suddenly spending countless hours in the bathroom. The vanity and sink area especially can become a major focus, especially for girls, in the now time-consuming process of getting ready each morning. If you want to give your teenagers a sense of having their own space-no matter how small-while enabling them to reflect their personal style, a bathroom remodel may be the perfect place to start. Your goal is to create an escape which incorporates all the necessities while allowing your teen to express their individual personality. Ask your teen for input before you start. Take note of their favorite colors, and ask specifically what they would like to have in their bathroom.

Start With Wall Colors

Let your teen pick the paint for the new bathroom as this can give them a solid sense of ownership. We all know how much the use of colors in our personal spaces says about us as individuals, so let your teen fully express that individuality. Of course you are allowed to have some input in the decision, and you may need to remind your teen that pastels or softer hues can make a bathroom more inviting, and that bright bold colors can overwhelm the small space of a bathroom.

Mirror, Medicine Cabinet, Vanity and Counter

Your teen can help choose these bathroom staples; he or she may have ideas you would not have necessarily thought of, but can make the bathroom more visually appealing. You already know how seriously most teens take their appearance, especially girls. A teenage girl can spend more time in front of the bathroom mirror than practically anywhere else in the house, so it's important to have a large mirror. Check for one with a pretty frame, or, for a boy, look for a wooden or more masculine frame. The mirror frame can be painted, or you can find one in a unique shape. Your teen will need plenty of counter space to set all their hair products, hygiene items and make-up on. To avoid overcrowding, choose the largest vanity sink top you can get by with in the space you have. There are many styles of countertops available, and you may even consider granite or decorative tiles to add interest and color. There are lots of different medicine cabinet styles, so you should choose one that is plenty big enough to hold all your teen's personal items. You can choose either a recessed style or surface mount style, depending on your particular application and what type is coming out of the present bathroom. The vanity should have plenty of storage space for towels, wash cloths and bathroom cleansers, and should be big enough, but not so big as to overwhelm a smaller bathroom.

Hampers, Shower Curtains and Accessories

Once your main components are in place, it will be time to really have fun and add the accessories. The easiest--and probably least expensive--way to completely change the look of a bathroom is by adding a personalized shower curtain. There are all sorts of curtains on the market, so it will be easy for your teen to find one they truly love. Let your teen choose towels and bath mats in the color they like the best, just remind them to accessorize the color of the towels with the wall colors. You may already know that children love to throw their clothes on the floor, and your teens probably haven't yet grown out of that annoying habit. Make sure to let them choose a clothes hamper with a lid, possibly even one which opens via a foot pedal to make it even easier for the dirty clothes to get where they should be. You can find toothbrush holders, soap holders and trash cans which match perfectly with your teen's bathroom, and these smaller touches can complete the look. You may be amazed at how clean your teen will keep his or her brand-new bathroom, put together especially for them.