De-clutter Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house, but it also tends to be the most cluttered because of all the toiletries, shower supplies and cleaning supplies needed for everyday or weekly use. Some creativity, planning and discipline will keep your bathroom organized and de-cluttered.

Inventory and Remove

The first step to de-cluttering your bathroom is to take inventory of everything you have and remove anything unnecessary. It's a logical step to bathroom organization, but there are times when it's easier to say than do.

Enter the bathroom prepared for work with a large black garbage bag, cleaning supplies for surface wiping and rubber gloves to remove anything that's too dirty or mildew-covered (in extreme cases) to touch with your bare hands.

Toss any medication that has lost its label or has expired. Throw away any pieces of soap you've been saving to melt into a larger bar but just haven't gotten around to doing. Get rid of all those partially used bottles of conditioner and shampoo. If you use the same brand, pour all the leftovers into one bottle. If you've been hanging onto those bottles in the hopes of using them as back-up shampoo when your favorites are finished, re-think you plans. If you haven't used them by now, you probably won't use them. If the idea of throwing out the leftover bits of shampoo seems like too big of a waste for you, try using the soap to clean your tub or toilet.

If you're a woman and you store make-up in the bathroom - which isn't the ideal place because of humidity levels - toss any make-up you no longer use. Anything over six months should be thrown out even if you do use it. Make-up should be replaced every six months because it tends to grow bacteria which is bad for your skin.

Clean the drawers of extra cotton swabs and loose cotton balls. Throw out broken combs and hair accessories no longer used. Toss old tubes of gel and lotion.

Purchase Proper Storage Containers

Buy attractive toothbrush holders. If you use battery-powered or electric ones, you'll need to make sure the holes in the holder are large enough to store them. There are toothbrush holders available with large openings for this. Use a plastic basket or a hair dryer caddy to store brushes, combs and hair accessories. Use another basket to store hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons. Purchase a shower caddy to store razors, soaps, conditioners and shampoos. If you have several people in a household and find there are a lot of different types of soaps, conditioners and shampoos, consider using a dispenser hung to the shower wall to cut down on the amount of bottles.