Designer Bathroom Rugs

Stepping Out in Style

The next time you step out of the bathtub, step out in style with a designer bathroom rug. Joining the tidal wave of accessories intended for the "luxury bathroom," "master bathroom," or "bathroom suite" currently flooding the interior decorating market, designer bathroom rugs bring fashion to your floors and comfort to your feet. As more and more homeowners are upgrading their bath areas and installing hi-tech amenities such as spa steam showers, electronic toilets, whirlpool bathtubs, and shower sound systems, designer bathroom rugs allow you embellish your bathroom without blowing your budget.

Top Bathroom Rug Designers

Here's an overview of some of today's elite bathroom rug designers and their top-of-the line bathroom rug and bathroom mat products:

Martha Stewart Bathroom Rugs: Available in a wide array of colors, look for Martha Stewart's synthetic bath rugs for plush comfort underfoot, or for the Martha Stewart super absorbent cotton bath rug collection with decorative pin-dot design.

Tommy Hilfiger Luxury Bath Mat Set: Your feet will be on cloud nine as they step out of the bathtub onto luxury bath mats created by Tommy Hilfiger. The set includes two fade-resistant bath mats made from staple ring-spun cotton and softened with environmentally friendly resin. Machine washable and luxuriously oversized, these bath mats are intended for the lowly floor but are available in high-fashion colors such as pale blue, midnight blue, periwinkle, white, teal, sand stone, red, yellow, lime, ivory, and chocolate.

Bath Rugs by Lennox: Featuring their signature china pattern, Lennox now offers luxurious round sculpted bath rugs tufted with fine staple combed cotton in a deep pile for superior softness and smoothness. With their famous sculpted leaf motif woven into your rug, your bathroom floors will never look better. Alternatively, brighten your bath area by bringing spring to your bath décor with Lennox's Butterfly Meadow bath rugs, featuring dancing flowers and butterflies against a white background.

Calvin Klein Organic Bath Rugs: Always cutting edge, your feet won't be left behind the times with Calvin Klein's all-cotton organic bath rug featuring a reverse design and a double plush texture for twice the life and double the fashion.

Avanti Cobblestone Bath Rugs: These chic, contemporary bath rugs are ideal for giving your bathroom a modern makeover. Featuring circular patterns in sophisticated shades, Avanti bath rugs are a stylish way to exit the shower.

Canopy Thick & Plush Rug Set: Pamper your feet with this three-piece bath rug set, made with microbulk fiber technology and featuring a thick-piled, super-soft bath rug, contour rug, and lid cover. Not only are these bath accessories machine washable, but each piece features non-skid backing, keeping your family and guests on solid ground in the wet bathroom area.

When it's time to renovate your bath area, don't let your feet get swept under the carpet. Give them the attention they deserve by rolling out the red carpet with a designer bathroom rug.