Let Your Bathroom Shower Truly Take You Away From It All

Bathroom trends in the past couple of years have seen bathrooms getting bigger and bigger and becoming more like spas. The bathroom décor seems to be getting much more elaborate, causing prices for a bathroom remodel to skyrocket. Even if you don't want to turn your bathroom into something this extravagant, you still may want to have a luxurious shower installed for your pleasure. When you choose the perfect shower stall, you want to make sure it doesn't feel dark or overcrowded. One way to ensure you don't feel confined in your new shower stall is to choose the best shower head for your application. Many people really like the new rain shower heads, although there are several different options when choosing a shower head.

Installing a Bench in Your Shower Stall

Although you may not be in favor of a bench in the shower stall, as it will certainly take up extra space, you can now find many ready-to install units, or even have one specially built which coordinates with the tile in your shower. Some people still want to have a tub, although it is more common to take a shower in our busy lifestyles. If you do have a shower/tub combination, you probably won't have the room to install even a small bench, but in a larger shower stall enclosure, a bench is a nice addition, especially for the elderly.

Types of Shower Stalls

When choosing your shower stall, unless you are just really set on white, it can be much more pleasing to choose somewhat neutral tones in lighter colors; you will get a friendlier look that is simple to maintain. You can choose a shower stall which has been pre-built of fiberglass in a variety of colors, or glass, and you will be able to find a stall in the typical square size as well as a circular, semi-circular, rectangular or custom size and shape. You may choose to purchase a shower stall with a door, or you might like the look of a shower curtain. Shower doors can either come with a metal frame, or can be frameless.

Shower curtains may make it a bit more difficult to keep the water off your bathroom floor, however a simple absorbent bath mat placed outside the door can take care of that. Shower stalls can come with shelves and towel bars built right in, which is a handy addition. The built-in shelves give you a place to put your shampoo, soap and shower gel while you are showering. If you don't choose a pre-formed shower stall, but have yours custom-tiled, you might consider having your tile contractor add a couple of shelves using the tile, as you may wish you had later on. If you choose custom tile you can visit your local home improvement store and let your imagination run wild! There are lots of colors and styles of bathroom tile, and you will find plenty of borders and accent tiles to allow you to create a totally unique shower.

Shower Lighting

Don't forget the lighting when remodeling or building your new shower. You don't want a shower that reminds you of a cave, and there are lots of ways to add appropriate lighting to your shower. Make sure the fixture you choose is one made specifically for a shower; it will be enclosed to protect the electrical parts from water spray. Even if you don't have a hard-wired ceiling light fixture in your shower stall, you can have a swag lamp installed, or you can contact an electrician to see about the possibility of wiring a light in the shower ceiling. Wall sconces can also add much-needed light to your shower, and there are some really beautiful ones on the market, so they can add to your overall décor as well. Since your shower is a place you will see on a daily basis, make it light, as big as possible, and decorate to please your own tastes and senses.