Modern Toilet Designs

Beyond Low-Flow Toilets

Ever since the Energy Policy Act of 1994 and the WaterSense program run by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) went into effect, requiring that all residential toilets be manufactured to conserve water by using 1.6-gallons-per-flush, low-flow toilets have saved billions of gallons of water per day. Today's toilet designs continue this trend and go well beyond, introducing toilets that are almost maintenance free and that are designed to maximize customer satisfaction.

Modern High-Efficiency Toilets

As toilet engineering continues to break new ground, innovations in the toilet industry abound. The following are some the latest efficient and high-tech toilet designs popular today:

Large Flusher Toilets

Today's toilets vary in style and in flusher size. Large flush valves increase flow and efficiency and maximize flush performance, with some modern models featuring a valve three inches in diameter as opposed to the current tow-inch standard. And you don't sacrifice on noise level either; although water enters the bowl flow faster and stronger, these toilets are just as quiet as their counterparts.

No More Ball and Chain

Newer toilet designs do away with traditional tank flapper valves altogether. In their place is a flush tower that is able to release water-per-flush in less than one second.

No-Plunge Toilets

Exclusive toilets now feature mega-sized internal passageways which ensure waste won't be trapped inside. Thanks to these redesigned and technologically upgraded toilets, gone are the days of toilet clogs and toilet handle jiggling, toilet plungers, toilet overflows, and costly toilet plumbing repairs. These powerful lavatories boast the ability to flush down a pail of golf balls!

Self-Cleaning Toilets

Today's smart toilets not only remove bulk (up to 1,000 grams' worth) with one flush, eliminating clogs and spills, but new toilet designs feature high-performance surfaces that inhibit the growth of bacteria, keeping your toilet clean and practically maintenance free. With the advent of these toilet inventions, you can say goodbye to toilet bowl rings, streaking, and multiple cleaning supplies.

Dual-Flush Toilets

These technological toilet wonders take water conservation to new depths with the introduction of a dual flush - the ability to choose between two flush options, each with a different water-saving capacity. One selection provides the industry standard 1.6-gallon flush, while the second selection offers a smaller 1.0-gallon flush, enabling you to select the most appropriate level each time.

Self-Sustaining Toilets

This exclusive design runs independently of electricity and uses hand-washing water to flush the toilet! The mechanics of this ultra-contemporary design involve the use of electromagnets and an electromagnetic ball valve to flush the toilet and is devoid of mechanical parts.

Going to the bathroom is almost a futuristic experience with modern toilet designs, and you can expect many new sleek and stylish innovations in the years ahead.