Choose Your Bathroom's Inspiration:
Modern vs. Traditional

When it comes to interior design, the bathroom is often times the neglected child but that's not fair. Just like the living room, dining room and kitchen - your bathroom deserves some TLC too! When thinking about design aesthetic, it's important to view your bathroom as a relaxing sanctuary. A warm and comforting place where you light some candles and soak in the tub and relax your cares away. With this in mind, let's explore two popular design aesthetics - modern and traditional.

The Traditional Bathroom

There's something to be said about a more traditional design aesthetic. It's homey, comforting - the perfect feeling you want for this space. It's also important that you exercise some self-editing if you are going for a more traditional aesthetic - no fuzzy, plush toilet covers necessary! Traditional does not necessarily mean ornate and frilly. Keep things simple. Go for neutral colors - beiges, off whites, golds, browns, etc.

With regards to your bathroom furniture and accessories - don't clutter up your space with unnecessary stuff. Perhaps consider a nice painted-wood over-the-toilet shelving/storage unit. You can stack guest towels, lotions, and other bathroom essentials on this shelf for a nice presentation. If a big shelf doesn't work for your space, consider a couple of nice baskets on the floor. Elegantly roll your towels and place them in these baskets for a lovely effect. Throw in a matching wastebasket, a free-standing towel rack and you're all set. If you're working with limited space, some lovely wall-mounted towel rings in a brass or bronze finish would be an adequate substitute for the towel rack.

Tile is probably your best bet for flooring. Either keep it a solid complementary color or find a nice tile with some simple, yet elegant detailing. A traditional claw-foot bathtub makes a nice addition to any traditional bathroom. With regards to your toilet, keep it simple as well. White or off white porcelain is your safest bet. For a mirror, a singular stand-alone, wall-mounted oval or rectangular mirror is a good idea. Some detailing around the border of the mirror is perfectly acceptable in a traditional bathroom, as long as it's not too over done.

The Modern Bathroom

Like traditional design, modern design keeps things simple. Clutter is never a good thing when it comes to design, especially bathroom design. The modern bathroom features sleek, clean lines. Streamlined bathroom furniture, lots of glass, stainless steel, curvaceous faucets and fixtures - just keep it stylish and functional.

As far as storage space goes, you don't want anything clunky taking up space in your bathroom. The bathroom furniture should give the illusion that it's floating in the air, wall-mounted is your best option to give that sort of effect. As far the colors you choose, its OK play with contrasting colors in your modern bathroom. Whites, blacks, grays and dark browns work well in a modern bathroom. It's also OK to try dark walls with dark tiles on the floor. The important thing is that you would be comfortable in the bathroom.

Most modern bathrooms have a separate tub and shower. Luxurious Jacuzzi-style square or rectangular tubs are very popular in modern bathrooms. Opt for walk-in shower with glass walls for an extra elegant look and feel. As far as the toilet goes, consider choosing one in black or grey for a more contemporary look. With the modern design aesthetic, it's all in the details. Finish off your modern bathroom with some granite counter tops, a big vanity mirror and a few nooks and crannies to store your bath linens. Keep things simple and minimalist.

Whichever style you decide on for your bathroom, keep it clean and clutter-free. Your bathroom is meant to be a relaxing respite, a place where you can unwind and wash away the stresses of your day. Once you have your desired bathroom, invest in some lovely new linens, ease into your comfy bathrobe and let your cares melt away. You've earned this!