Newest Laundry Hampers

Think Beyond the Laundry Bin

If you want to stay au courant and in vogue in all aspects of interior home décor, you've got to think outside of the box and beyond the bin - beyond the laundry bin, that is. In addition to new and improved toilets, upgraded bathtubs, and the introduction of spa-like showers at home, the face of laundry bins and laundry hampers has changed dramatically over the years. Whereas consumers were once limited to the white plastic laundry hamper or the wicker hamper to store their dirty laundry, today's industry offers myriads of choices in laundry hampers, laundry bags, laundry bins, and even hidden laundry receptacles. Available in assorted shapes, colors, materials, and sizes, your laundry hamper no longer has to hamper your style.

Laundry Hampers: Blending Function with Fashion

With the growing number of modern-day solutions for storing your dirty laundry, you can have a lot of fun shopping the laundry bin which best compliments your existing interior décor. Whether you're looking for the right hamper to place in the bathroom, nursery, children's bedroom, or master bedroom, the fashion moguls have been busy designing innovative yet practical laundry receptacles to throw soiled clothes in at the end of the day. Creating the perfect blend between function with fashion, laundry hampers have stepped up to plate in the realm of home décor.

Concealed Laundry Hampers

Probably the most stylish and 'advanced' hampers are the ones that you actually don't see when you walk into a room! Choose between a "tilt-out" or "pull-out" laundry hamper, which look like a small cabinet but whose "door" pulls down from the top rather than opening to the left or right, or between a hidden laundry hamper which is in fact part of a larger storage cabinet and made from the same material. Laundry hampers which are part of a wood ottoman not only conceal the hamper but blend exactly into the furniture piece. With shelving, cabinets, and/or drawers above or to the side of the hamper (for display or storing your collectibles), these models are also great space savers. The insides of pull-out laundry bins are lined with a removable bag or a wire basket which holds the laundry and which can be used over and over again.

Additional Types of Laundry Hampers

Here is a rundown of the different types of laundry hampers and laundry bins available today:

•- Double Hampers: Great for large families, double hampers feature two individual bins or bags for double storage space and for separating light and dark clothing.

•- Multiple Receptacle Hampers: Making laundry day a lot easier, these laundry bins allow you to separate whites, colors, and delicates even before you set foot in the laundry room

•- Laundry Carts on Wheels: The wheels on the bottom of laundry carts allow you to simply roll the hamper down the hall and avoid heavy lifting of hampers filled with dirty clothes. A great option for seniors or other physically challenged individuals.

•- Canvas and Mesh (Net) Laundry Bags: Choose between a heavy duty or thin laundry bag fabric or a mesh/net laundry bag, which allows air to circulate through your laundry and prevents the buildup of odor, mold, and mildew. The best thing about laundry bags is that you can hang them on the back of a door or keep them out of sight under your bed during the week, and when laundry day arrives you can simply throw the laundry bag in with the rest of the wash, providing you with a "new" laundry hamper every single time! Mesh and canvas laundry bags are particularly popular among college students and other dorm dwellers.

•- Modern Laundry Hampers: To match a minimalist or other contemporary home décor style, consider a faux metal or sleek stainless steel laundry hamper which will blend right into your existing look.

•- Miscellaneous Laundry Tubs: The truth is that you can use any old tub, box, plastic container, or receptacle to hold your dirty laundry. Remember that the best laundry containers, however, are those which have a lid, which allow for ventilation, which are washable or recyclable, and of course, which are large enough to meet your needs.

•- Wicker Hampers: Even classic wicker hampers, handsome in their own right, have been given a modern-day makeover! Today's wicker baskets are available in assorted colors, shapes, and designs, and can even be custom-ordered and personalized to feature a children's favorite character or theme. Look also for fun and whimsical wicker hampers that are made in the shape of animals, insects, and even people (i.e. frogs, hippos, mini-sportsmen, and more). Kids will love to "feed" their laundry pet each night rather than tossing their dirty clothes on the floor... Finally, newer wicker hamper models feature hamper lids with a Velcro closure for easy opening and closing, as well as colorful and machine washable laundry hamper liners.