No-Slip Bath Mats

Bathroom Safety

When it comes to bathrooms, safety comes first! Whether you are designing a new bathroom, a luxury or master bathroom, a kids' bathroom, or renovating your existing bathroom, statistics show that more accidents occur in the bathroom than in any other room in the house. With the combination of wet floors, electrical outlets, soap suds, and other wet and slippery surfaces, it makes sense that addressing bathroom safety should be a top priority in every household.

Bath Mats

One of the many ways of protecting yourself and your family from bathroom mishaps is investing in a bath mat. Bath mats are known by many other names, including: bathroom safety mats, non-slip bath mats, no-slip bath mats, anti-slip bath mats, and tub safety mats. You can also find rubber bath mats, vinyl bath mats, PVC-free bath mats, kids' bath mats, and shower stall mats. Bath mats use suction cups to adhere directly to the bottom of your bathtub or shower stall and are made from sturdy materials designed to support you as you enter and exit the bathtub.

Bath Mats versus Bath Rugs

Don't make the mistake of equating a bath rug with a bath mat, however. While both bath mats and bath rugs come in an array of colors, styles, and patterns, and while both bath mats and bath rugs make excellent bathroom accessories, the sole purpose of a bath mat is bathroom safety, whereas a bath rug is designed to be decorative. In fact, if you are looking for an easy and inexpensive idea for a bathroom makeover, consider introducing a stylish bath rug to your bathing area. Available in low, medium, or high piles, in myriads of simple and traditional to bold and contemporary designs, as well as in bath rug sets, there is a bath rug to suit every style and to enhance every bathroom environment.

No-Slip Bath Mats

All bath safety mats are made from hard-wearing, durable materials designed to prevent slippage and to fit into tubs and showers of various shapes and sizes. They do not collect mold or mildew, are easy to wipe clean or wash off, and will last you a lifetime. One of the greatest things about modern bath mats is that in addition to their safety features, today's bath mats are colorful, stylish, creative, and fun, combining high function with high fashion in an ideal way.

Kids' Safety Bath Mats

Bath time with kids and watching children splish-splashin' away in the tub is always a barrel of laughs. But if you want to prevent your kids from slip-sliding away and hurting themselves in the tub or from slipping while getting in and out the bathtub, invest in a kids' bath mat. Children's anti-slip bath mats are sold at very affordable prices, and better yet, come in splashes of bright colors and with kid-friendly designs that children instantly fall in love with. A bath mat can also work magic by turning a dreaded bathing ritual into a whale of fun.

PVC-Free Rubber Bath Mats

For the environmentally conscious consumer, consider a PVC-free and phthalate-free rubber safety mat. These non-slip mats can be used in the bathtub or shower and are known for their ideal balance of safety and comfort.

Vinyl Bath Mats

High-construction vinyl bath and shower mats are made with a PVC foam rubber core and have anti-fungicidal and anti-bacterial properties. To clean a vinyl bath mat, simply rinse with warm water using a mild detergent and hang to dry.

Bubble Spa Bath Mats

If you think bath mats are simply lumps of flat rubber which attach themselves to the bottom of your tub, think again! Featured among the latest and most luxurious bath products is the Bubble Spa Bath Mat, touted as being "the next best thing to having your own Jacuzzi." If you're not familiar with Jacuzzis, whirlpool baths, and bath jet spas, they are basically large bathtubs which feature jets that swirl the water around, giving your entire body a rejuvenating and therapeutic massage.

Bubble spa bath mats work much in the same way. These luxury mats fill your entire bathtub with invigorating bubbles in a matter of seconds by sending a powerful force of air through the bath water, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a spa from your own home! With the option of high, medium, and low settings, a timer, an automatic shutoff system, and the aid of a water-resistant remote control, the bubbles generated provide a full-body massage. Some other fantastic features of bubble spa bath mats may include the following:

•- Dual safety valve and air hose

•- Adjustable neck rest

•- Optional aromatherapy clip, allowing you to enjoy your favorite scents in the bathtub

•- Three-position rotary switch

•- Carry handle for easy folding and carrying

•- Footrest with rotating rollers designed to aim bubbling action at tired/achy feet