Planning Ahead for Your Bathroom Remodel

If you are considering a bathroom remodel for your home, careful planning now can save you time, money and aggravation in the future. Remember that the results of this project will likely be with you for many years to come, so it's important to get it right the first time around, and overcome the temptation to jump right in without properly formulating a plan for your remodel. If you are especially computer-savvy, then there are lots of good design software packages which cost little and can give you a good visual of what your new bathroom will look like and how it will function. On the other hand, plain old graph paper can also be used to make sure your dimensions are correct and everything will fit into your space nicely.

Outline Your Remodel

If you make an outline of the individual elements and projects which will go into your bathroom remodeling project, you will be better able to keep close track of how your project is coming along. Make an outline which lists each main project within the entire remodeling task, as well as what needs to be done to complete each task. This enables you to fully plan which materials and tools will be needed, allowing you to be prepared. If you have to stop work and run to the home improvement store any time you need the smallest element for your remodel, then you are wasting valuable time, causing further delays for your project. An outline can be really useful in helping to avoid costly mistakes or backtracking-when everything is clearly written down, you can see how each step relates to another in your remodel as well as being able to see the logical progression of your remodel. If you don't want to end up tearing something out and re-doing it, an outline of your project is essential.

Space Considerations

Consider your available space carefully when planning your bathroom remodel. Do you have the space for a bathtub and separate shower cubicle or only the bathtub with shower fitting above it? If you don't have space for both, which do you use the most and prefer? There are tons of choices on the market-so many as to be nearly overwhelming, but a new bathroom with shiny new fixtures can be a pretty exciting thing! When choosing your sink, you must first decide whether it will be freestanding or fixed into a bathroom vanity. You will find a wide array of choices aside from the typical white ceramic sink including hammered copper sinks, vessel sinks and tile sinks which can be positioned above the vanity or bathroom counter. While a pedestal sink may give you the elegant look you want, don't forget that you are also losing the valuable storage space a vanity cabinet gives you.

Mirrors and Lighting

One of the most important accents for your bathroom remodel is the mirror; you can choose a complete wall of mirrored tiles, very elaborate bathroom mirrors in Venetian or Rococo style or a plain mirror in a rectangular, square or round form. Your bathroom mirror can go a long way in setting the style of your bathroom as it is something that is seen immediately. The bathroom lighting you choose can completely change the look of your bathroom remodel; recessed lighting built into the walls or ceilings can make your bathroom look ultra-modern, while if you have a larger bathroom a chandelier can give it an opulent appearance. For smaller bathrooms, you might choose chandelier-style lampshades if you like the look of a chandelier. When considering lights that hang down, however, don't forget to consider the height of your family members-you don't want a taller family member being forced to duck every time they enter the bathroom.

Consider Who Will Use the Bathroom

One important aspect to consider when remodeling a bathroom is who will be primarily using it. If the bathroom will be your main family bathroom and you have children, then the design must be adapted to make it suitable for everyone. If you live by yourself or you are designing a bath for the master suite, then you only have to please yourself when considering style, furnishing as accessories. Plan your remodel carefully for many years of service.