Portable Whirlpool Bath

The Latest in Bath Products

Turn your bathtub into a luxurious, therapeutic spa with a portable whirlpool bath! Among the latest innovations in Bath & Bed products, a portable whirlpool bath fits right into your bathtub, allowing you to enjoy a "Jacuzzi" experience whenever you like, at a fraction of the price. Also known as a bathtub jet spa, turbo spa, water jet spa, portable bath spa, portable turbo spa, water jet bath spa, portable tub jet, and portable tub whirlpool, these bath time luxuries join a host of other "luxury bathroom" products flooding the market, including "smart toilets" which self-flush, self-clean, and automatically open/close; modern showerheads with massage and multi-spray settings; steam showers; spray tan showers; sculpted glass shower doors; built-in shower sound systems; built-in shower seating, and more.

Turning Your Bath into a Whirlpool

Using suction cup technology, a portable whirlpool bath easily adheres to any tub surface and to any tub size. Featuring motorized jets from which water is gently streamed or powerfully propelled to massage away stress, you have total control over the type of spa experience you would like. Whether you're looking to soothe aching muscles, relieve tension, relax after a long day at work, or simply luxuriate in a swirl of jet bubbles that do wonders for your mind, body, and soul, a portable whirlpool bath is a dream come true and a taste of bath time heaven.

Personalized Massage

Jet technology combines air and water to offer you the ultimate spa and massage experience. From gentle to powerful jet action, and from delicate to deep penetration, whirlpool bath jets are strategically positioned to reach key pressure points used in reflexology and acupressure. Offering you a highly refined massage experience, portable whirlpool jets promote healing and wellness, increase circulation, and provide a stress-free, relaxing experience.

Some of the physical conditions which may benefit from/be alleviated by a bath whirlpool include: sore muscles; sports injuries; headaches; neck injuries; elbow/wrist pain caused by repetitive keyboard use; shoulder/ear stiffness caused by holding a phone between the ear and shoulder; arthritis; injured muscles and joints; workplace stress; build-up of lactic acid; joint flexibility

Types of Jet Therapy

Here are some the types of jet action features to look for when you shop for your personal bathtub whirlpool:

•- Accu-Pressure Jets (providing deep tissue stimulation at key pressure points in the neck, shoulders, back, calves, and feet)

•- Adjustable Pulsating Jets (providing pulsating massage action to relieve stress and tension at key pressure points; lets you adjust water volume flow and stream angle)

•- Interchangeable Nozzles (allowing you to further customize your at-home bathtub spa experience)

•- Whirlpool Jet (providing the most vigorous directional jet action and muscle-penetrating massage; used by athletes for large muscle groups)

•- Aquatic Exercise Jet (offering muscle-strengthening exercises as you work against a forceful jet stream)

Bath time will never be the same again!