Showerhead Updates

Easy Bathroom Makeover

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your bathroom is with a new showerhead. Today's selection of modern showerhead designs and handheld showerhead options is rapidly expanding, with myriads of products on the market to enhance your bathing experience. And you don't have to sacrifice safety and conservation for style. Modern showerheads meet federally mandated protocols for water conservation, as today's showerheads are required to limit their flow to 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) - saving you money while you save water.

The Ideal Shower Spray

The perfect shower spray makes getting wet rewarding, relaxing, and fun. According to bath design experts, people want a strong, wide, pulsing spray in the shower that offers an even spray for both washing and rinsing. Modern showerheads feature massage settings with large dials or digital controls, and additional shower spray innovations such as a "trickle" setting that greatly restricts water flow and conserves water while you shampoo or shave your legs. Finally, contemporary luxury and master bathrooms boast double shower heads, steam showers, and spray tan showers.

Showerhead Upgrades

If you are renovating or remodeling your bathroom, why not upgrade your showerhead as well? Bathroom home improvements are one of the top ways to increase your home's resale value, in addition to maximizing your comfort while you bathe in style.

If your old showerhead was too low, you can move it higher on the wall with an arm extender, an inexpensive bath product that attaches any standard shower arm, or with a bendable shower arm that easily adjusts up and down to suit children and adults of all heights.

If you are doing complete bathroom remodel, consider investing in a full shower set that includes a modern showerhead. Shower set prices range from $100 to over $500 dollars, depending on the manufacturer and the number of high-end amenities included. For example, luxury shower sets include a separate shower stall and bathtub, designer shower doors, mixing valves to replace separate hot and cold water taps, shower sound systems, digital controls, and more. Modern showers sets also feature chrome and polished brass fixtures that come with protective coatings to reduce tarnish and discoloration, as well as other high-tech finishes designed to prolong the life and good looks of your bath area.

Handheld Showerheads

Increasingly popular, handheld showerheads allow you the luxury of holding the showerhead in your hand while directing the spray at a specific body part, the shower wall, or on your child's hair. Featuring hoses as long as four to six feet, you can also adjust the spray settings and at any time replace the showerhead in its holder on the shower arm. The latest innovations in hose-mounted showerheads feature specially designed handles that make it easier and more comfortable to hold on to, and "hose and bar" systems, which include a height bar that lets you adjust the showerhead holder up and down on the bar. This setup allows you to get in and out of the shower without getting your hair wet, and is perfectly suited for people of all ages, heights, abilities and disabilities.

Deluxe Shower Sets

The complete deluxe shower set includes a number of bar and handheld showerhead options, as well as bathing accessories such as built-in soap dishes with water drainage slots, shampoo and conditioner shower baskets, shower shelves to hold personal belongings, no-fog mirrors, and even waterproof TV-mirrors. Additional extravagances include therapeutic spa baths and showers, sculpted glass shower doors, built-in shower sound system, built-in shower seating, and more.