Design Tips That Will Help Make Your Small Bathroom More Spacious

The modern home doesn't exactly look the same as homes did in the past. Not only are the exteriors substantially different, but essential home design has changed dramatically over the past few decades. One of the biggest changes quite literally has to do with “big”: homes built today on average are substantially larger than older homes.

Bathrooms in particular have grown in size over the years; older bathrooms can often induce claustrophobic sensations compared to their newer equivalents.

Whether you live in one of these older homes or simply opted for a smaller design, there is still desire and benefit in augmenting the look and feel of your bathroom's size. We'll provide you with some design tips in order to get you started.

Add New Lighting Options

The darker the room, the smaller it will look. You want light colours in your bathroom in order to make it seem more spacious, and you definitely want as much lighting as possible to really open up the room. There are many different design tips and renovations that you can consider to open up the bathroom in this regard, whether that be a new skylight, brand new full-length windows or new interior lighting fixtures.

A common renovation for bathrooms is the addition of new windows, such as those that can be opened automatically with a flip of a switch or even a remote. 21st century window options add flare and spaciousness to your bathroom.

Avoid Colour Clashing

Who doesn't love a bit of colour in the home? There are many potential colour designs anybody can consider for the bathroom, but when dealing with space constraints, you definitely want to avoid too much colour variance. In order to maximise the look and feel of space in the bathroom, it is highly advised that you stick to like colours and minimise the amount of contrast as much as possible.

By using lighter colours along with this plan, you can really give the feel that the bathroom is larger than it appears. Contrasting colours will often make various objects more noticeable and less likely to blend in with the walls and other surroundings, which can add to the overall feeling of claustrophobia in smaller bathrooms.

Opt for More Glass

The more opaque elements that exist in a room, the smaller it will seem. If you really want to add spaciousness to the bathroom, then consider how the effects of glass can impact space. For starters, try throwing out your older, smaller mirrors and replacing them with larger-than-life renditions. This will ensure that as much of the wall as possible is covered and will minimise the perception that the existing mirrors are taking up precious space in the room.

If you really want to go all out, then consider replacing your shower curtain or current translucent shower door with a completely transparent solution. You'll still be able to enjoy a bit of privacy in the shower – especially when things fog up – but the perception when you're not in the shower will ensure that the room looks bigger.

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