Spa Baby Bath

Introducing.... Spa baby baths! If you have never heard of a spa baby bathtub or of spa baby bath products, that's because they are some of the newest products to hit the baby and bath industry. At one time, it was designer clothes for kids which broke the boundaries and took the fashion world by storm. Today, the new kids on the block are spa baby bath products, some of the trendiest, most luxurious, and "yuppiest" items in the business. Quickly climbing the popularity charts among consumers and especially among new moms and dads, you're going to want to learn all there is to know about bath accessories designed to pamper your newborn and to keep infants safe and snug at bath time.

Luxury Bathrooms

If you're not up to speed on the current trends and latest innovations in interior home design and in bathroom décor in particular, then you may not be aware that luxury bathrooms - lavish bath environments reflecting the lifestyle of the rich and famous - are a modern phenomenon. These high-end bathrooms feature upscale extravagances which bring a spa experience directly into your home. Now you can relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the great technological advances of our modern times with spa bath fixtures and spa bath accessories such as electronic faucets, spa jet tubs, portable whirlpool baths, remote-controlled steam showers, built-in shower seats, shower sound systems, and even designer urinals and "smart" toilets which open/shut/flush automatically.

Bringing the Spa Experience to Baby's Bath Hour

Pamper your young ones with the new line of spa baby bath products. Designed to make bathing a cozy and safe experience for babies and to make bath hour easier and more comfortable for moms, dads, and caregivers, everybody will benefit from some spa time at bath time! Giving your baby a bath is a wonderful bonding opportunity. Spa baby bathtubs and baby bath accessories allow you to offer some extra tender loving care for your little ones as they rub-a-dub-dub and have fun in the tub.

Spa Baby Bathtubs

Check out these luxury kids' bathtubs:

•1) A non-toxic and recyclable European-styled baby bathtub which immerses babies in chest-level warm water in a natural fetal position, making bathing easier and more comfortable for both infants and parents.

•2) Baby Whirl Spa Bath: This state-of-the-art baby bathtub manufactured by Koller (one of the leading names in the bath and Whirlpool industry) includes 10 jets which gently move bath waters and massage your baby, two mini-blowers, and LED chrome therapy featuring the complete color spectrum, creating an ambience of harmony and tranquility.

Bath Cape for Moms and Tots

If you are a fashion-conscious mom, you will love this baby bath luxury item, which doubles as towel and as a cape which slips over your head and keeps you dry as you safely and securely lift your infant from the tub and dry in your arms. Gone are the days of a towel awkwardly tucked under your chin or fumbling with a towel as you try to wrap it around your infant. Moreover, bath capes are waterproof, cover the arms and shoulders, come in several colors, and make a great baby gift.

Baby Interactive Bath Books

Taking the concept of baby bath books to new heights, you will find musical baby bath books, as well as baby bath books featuring thick, squishy, colorful pages. Some of these waterproof books come with a free baby bath toy; your young ones will adore bath time with their new penguin, fish, rubber duck, frog, submarine, and tugboat toy 'bath friends.'

Baby Bath Music CD

You and your baby will enjoy listening to this custom-made baby bath music CD, featuring the melodic notes of some of children's favorite tunes, set against background sounds of nature. This soundtrack is designed to stimulate baby brain activity, increase sensory awareness, and create a tranquil bath environment.

More Baby Bath Exclusives

Here are a few more selections from today's rapidly expanding inventory of baby bath spa items:

•- Baby bath embroidered wash cloths

•- Monogrammed baby bath towel with matching baby booties

•- Spa Baby Bath Gift Basket

•- Designer Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat