The Scoop on Soaps

Bed & Body Luxury Items

To provide you with the ultimate bathing experience, the bath industry has created a wide range of bath & bed products, including bath oils, bath beads, herbal extracts, aromatherapy candles, whirlpool baths, and more. Leading the pack of personal and luxurious bath items are bathroom soaps; today's bathroom soap selection is ever-increasing and includes a range of natural, decorative, liquid, bar, scented, and even French soaps. To compliment your bathroom décor and indulge in your favorite extravagance, bathroom soaps are available in an array of shapes, sizes, compositions, and colors. To assist you in your soap selection, here is the scoop on bathroom soaps.

Bathroom Soap Selections

Bar Soaps: The traditional bar soap, counted upon for decades to cleanse and refresh your skin, has been given a modern facelift. Today's bar soap compositions include moisturizers, emulsifying oils, essential oil blends for smooth, healthy skin, natural exfoliants for dry and sensitive skin, and organic products which rejuvenate and cleanse. Enjoy varieties such as lavender bar soap, lemon twist bar soap, orange zest bar soap, pink grapefruit bar soap, honey oatmeal soap bar, aloe avocado soap bar, mint loofah soap bar, and more.

Wine Soaps: For silky soft skin from head to toe, botanical wine soaps are the way to go. Made from wine, wine flower, and essence of coconut oil, wine soaps gently cleanse and moisturize, giving your skin a fresh, healthy glow.

Glycerine Soaps: The ultimate moisturizer, glycerine soaps are made from pure vegetable oils and include varieties such as aloe vera, green apple, honeysuckle, lilac, lemon, lavender, jasmine, strawberry, peach, and mango, vanilla, and hibiscus glycerin soaps.

French Milled Soaps: Using only the richest ingredients, French soaps are known for their scent, gentle lather, and longevity. Appropriate for individuals young and old, French soaps are popular baby shower presents. French milled soaps come wrapped in decorative pleated paper, showcasing their quality craftsmanship.

Natural Soaps: For fine bathing and soft skin without modern additives, go back to the basics with all-natural soaps made from only pure, natural ingredients.

Decorative Soaps: For the family washroom or guest bathroom, decorative soaps are an interior decorator's dream bath accessory. Available in a sea of colors to compliment any bathroom décor, decorative soaps come in a wide assortment of sizes and shapes, including butterflies, teddy bears, flowers, seashells, cactuses, daisies, and more.

Bathroom Soap Gift Baskets

For the ultimate bed & bath gift, consider a bathroom soap gift basket filled with assorted decorative soaps, scented bar soaps, fancy French soaps, all-natural soaps, glycerin soaps, and wine soaps. Toss in some bathroom salts, bath beads, and any other bath luxury item; gift wrap and deliver with a smile!