American Standard Toilets - The Peoples Choice

One of the most popular types of toilets in the nation is the American Standard toilet. The American Standard toilet comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, making it much easier to choose the toilet that is right for your needs. There is a model within this brand designed to fit any size or shape of bathroom imaginable.

The American Standard toilet can be purchased in two different shapes; the rounded front toilet and the elongated toilet. The round front toilets are more compact and are designed to fit into smaller spaces. The elongated toilets are designed with additional room in the front to make the toilet more comfortable for the individual using it.

Types Of Toilets

People who would like to purchase an American Standard toilet have a choice between one that has a gravity-fed flushing system and one that has a pressure assisted flushing system. Both are water-saving units using 1.6 gallons of water per flush, but the gravity-fed flushing system uses the force of gravity and a siphoning "pull through" action to quietly empty the bowl. A toilet with a pressure assisted flushing system is slightly louder as it uses pressure from the home's water supply for a powerful push through flush.

Another reason why many people prefer to purchase an American Standard toilet is that each unit has been given a deep, thick layer of glaze, giving the toilet a glossy surface that is easy to clean and is stain resistant. The thick coat of glaze extends throughout the internal trapway, allowing the waste to flow into the pipes easily and prevents clogging. Some of the toilets are even designed with special, easy to clean features.

american standard toiletAn American Standard toilet can come in a variety of sizes to easily fit any size and style of bathroom. There are some toilets that are smaller in every dimension to be more comfortable to smaller adults and children, while the larger sizes of toilets are designed to fit individuals that are larger or taller than the average person. The size of toilet purchased should be the one that is most comfortable for the individuals that will be using it.

The quality and style of the American Standard toilet has persuaded thousands of people to rely on these products for their personal use. Many of the toilet styles that American Standard has created are also available for sink, bath tubs, and other bathroom products. People that are interested in remodeling their entire bathroom can easily find a matched set in the color and style that they prefer.