Vanity Cabinets - Add A New Level Of Style To Your Bathroom

In the market for a new bathroom vanity cabinet? A new vanity can do wonders for not only your bathroom's appearance but also add functionality to a room that is more than just a necessity.

There is a great selection of vanity cabinets available and you might be surprised at just how many different styles there are ranging from beautifully hand-carved wooden vanities to the more casual and contemporary styles. Following are a few ideas for some types of bathroom vanity cabinets you might be interested in looking into.

Antique Cabinets

There are some very beautiful antique vanity styles. Starting with the more high-end designs, these up-scale pieces are made of carefully handcrafted, sturdy woods with smooth finishes and intricate carvings. They come in a variety of wood finishes like cherry and oak and you can also select from different materials for the top of the vanity. Some of those include granite, ivory, and marble. These items can be pretty pricey, but if you can afford it, they can add such an elegant touch to your bathroom.

Belle Foret Antique Parchment Single Basin Vanity

Other Styles

If your budget, like so many others, doesn't allow for a high-end piece like the ones mentioned above, here is another for cost-saving option for a 'new' antique-style bathroom vanity cabinet. Did you know that many people are now converting old wooden dressers into sink vanities? You can recycle your own furniture or find antique pieces like this online! Once you found a piece that will fit your needs, a little refinishing and maybe some new hardware on the drawers, a hole cut in the top for the sink to be placed in and you've got yourself a beautiful wooden vanity for just a fraction of what it would cost for a piece like this if you bought it brand new from the manufacturer.

If your style is more contemporary, you might want to consider a glass or ceramic bathroom vanity cabinet. These pieces are quite stunning and make a real statement in a room of your house that is seen by so many. In addition to being stylish, they are also functional with drawers and cabinets that can modified to your specification depending on which manufacturer you choose. And in certain circumstances, they come already equipped with mirrors and faucets. Once you decide on which features you would like and the type of material for the base and top, you'll be on your way to creating a whole new atmosphere in your bathroom!