Wet Rooms

A wet room is not just a fancy way of describing a shower room. It is actually a way of building a walk-in shower room so that it is completely waterproofed and sealed so that it doesn't' leak. This method is often referred to as 'tanking'. The floor is designed so that it slopes slightly downward so that all the water flows easily into the drain. The whole space is usually tiled from top to bottom and designed for ease of access. In fact, one of the pluses of wet rooms is that they have level access making it very easy for someone in a wheelchair to use them.

Small Spaces

The advantage of designing a wet room is that they can be any size and are a great way to use a small space effectively. If you think of a wet room like a walk-in shower room, it really doesn't have to be that large. And unlike a conventional bathroom it doesn't even have to have a window, so you can have it installed off the master bedroom if you prefer. Because of new building methods and designs, you don't have to be restricted to having your wet room on the ground floor, which was often the case in the past.

Larger Spaces

If the space for your wet room is a little larger, you may want to have a toilet or hand or vanity sink installed and separated from the shower area by a glass screen. These fittings are best installed hung on the wall rather than the floor, so that not only will the floor area be completely free but also so that the contemporary look of the wet room is maintained.

Luxury Space

Depending on your budget you can design your wet room so that you can have directional water jets coming out of the wall, instead of, or as well as, a conventional shower head. These water jets can give you a great aqua massage and for the less gizmo minded a flexible hand held shower head will help you to get at the parts other jets miss. And you won't have to worry about the water going all over the floor when your wet room is properly installed. All that water will just drain away after you turn off the spigot!

Why not also install a steam bath, steam generator or 'soft sauna' in your wet room while you are at it, if your budget will allow it. This is especially useful if you don't have the space for a proper sauna and it can really enhance your bathing experience.

Professional Installation

Wet rooms really need to be installed by a professional as there are just too many things that can go wrong for an amateur however good they are at DIY. The cost of fixing any leaks doesn't bear thinking about, so make sure you get at least 3 detailed quotes from reputable companies experienced in fitting wet rooms before you begin installation.

By installing a first class wet room in your home you will be giving yourself the kind of luxury bathing experience that you can normally only expect to get at a top class hotel or spa.

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