Bath Robes For Your Bathroom and Loved Ones

Christmas is coming fast and you have no idea what to buy for all the people on your list. What gift idea can you come up with that is useful, budget friendly and actually appreciated by the recipients? Bath robes are a wonderful gift option that work for anyone who lives in an area that gets cold.

Womens Bath Robes

For women, a nice plush white robe is a classic gift that is almost always appreciated. Add a basket of bath products and you'll have a gift she'll remember all year long. If you know the women you are shopping for love a certain color, you may want to shop for colored bath robes, instead. If you aren't concerned about shopping for absorbent terry cloth robes, you may want to take a look at cotton or polyester women's bath robes that come in almost any conceivable pattern.

If you aren't concerned about looking for discount bath robes, you can shop for silk models or robe and nightgown sets. Shopping for these robes can be much trickier, since they tend to have very different styles and you will need to know the size of the person you are buying a gift for.

Mens Bath Robes

Men's terry cloth bath robes come in two basic styles - short or long. If you are shopping for a man who spends a lot of time hanging out in his boxer shorts, you'll probably want to go for the short style. Of course, just like women's bath robes, men's robes also come in other fabrics. You can find checked and striped robes if you think the solid terry models everyone seems to have are too boring.

Kids Bath Robes

If you're concerned that kids bath robes won't be a very exciting gift, you are in for a surprise. Of course, there are the standard terry cloth robes available and they are absolutely adorable in small sizes, but there are many designs and styles that will be popular with children, too.

Character bath robes are available with almost any popular cartoon on them. From Spongebob to Disney princesses, you can find a robe that is sure to be a hit with your favorite child. Matching slippers are a really great addition, especially since the slippers usually look like stuffed toy characters.

Another fun bath robe idea for children is the hooded animal bathrobe. Your child can snuggle up in a warm and cozy duck or dog robe after a bath. Once he or she is dry, you'll probably have a bit of a struggle convincing your child that the robe has to hang back up on its hook until the next night's bath!

The best thing about deciding to buy bath robes for everyone on your Christmas gift list this year is that you will be done shopping well ahead of time. There is nothing like knowing that you can relax in your tub with your favorite aromatherapy candle while everyone else is braving the hoards at your local mall.