Want To Add A New Lease Of Life To Your Bathroom?

In the grand plan of most homes, bathrooms are the last room to get any real attention in terms of decoration or investment of cash. This is usually because for most families they fail to see the inherent value in the bathroom itself. Just because you only use it for 10 - 30 minutes per day (perhaps more), it doesn't mean that you should not pay any attention to it or work to improve it.

When and if the time comes to have your property valued, a grotty, nasty bathroom can knock several thousand dollars off the value of your home. Why not try some of these tips to add a bit more personality and life to your bathroom? Not only that, but you'll also add directly to the value of your property. 


Themeing is at the core of any bathroom decorating or DIY project. Some of the most common themes for bathrooms are lighthouses, naval, ocean and beach designs. This style of decorating makes perfect sense because of the fact that water is the basis for so many bathroom functions. Alternatives to the above are the tropical designs - which encompass the water theme whilst providing a somewhat different angle on the style of the bathroom itself. Heck you could even stretch the idea further and focus your specific theme on an individual water based creature or mammal like frogs or dolphins perhaps? This will depend on your own individual tastes of course but would prove especially popular if you have kids.

Color Scheme

Pay particular attention to the color scheme being used in your bathroom - dark colors are to be avoided at all costs. Brighter paints are a much better idea. Even if it's just a bright white or cream paint it can give your bathroom far more "space" than before - or at least the impression of space. Some people hate the use of bare colors like this and opt for warmer colors like peaches and oranges - simply because they add more warmth to a room. If you're feeling really adventurous, then why not try for a mosaic tiled approach with a mixture of blue and green shades to really emphasize the ocean "feel" of the room.

Now that you have the walls painted, it's time to add some of your own personality to the room. Little things like towel racks, vanity cabinets, toilet paper holders, and toilet seats can really add a sense of "self" to the bathroom. Pick these items carefully and make sure you like them. Then you can look at soft furnishings like the bath rugs, towels and face cloths and work these into your theme too. Last but not least are luxury accessories like a selected pictures or prints for the wall and of course perhaps even a few candles to really complete the room.

When the bathroom is finally finished, you will not believe the difference your efforts will have made. What was once the room you were least proud of may now become the centrepiece of your home.